September 17, 2007

Again, I go old school

In searching for some of the old-school video game references, I stumbled upon - a blog of technology for folks who left technology behind a decade or three ago. They're your course to find where to buy Pong consoles, crystal radios, and even - here especially because Kate and I were chatting about this very thing on Friday - a somewhat pricey service that transfers your cassettes to mp3/cd.

So get thee some old-school tech, folks...


coldnorthgamer said...

Wow... and to think I threw out all of those cassettes we made in high school. Led Zeppelin, Queen, and that Singers and Songwriters that I believe we copied from Matt, one year younger than us.

PHSChemGuy said...

Things get lost, it happens.

If I remember the tapes correctly, there wasn't anything rare enough on there that it can't be found in digital.