September 4, 2007

Once more into the YouTube breach, good friends

Continuing my string of YouTube tours, here's a batch of Neil Young...

A solo "Heart of Gold" from 1971

Pump organ version of "Like a Hurricane"

Original, concert, rock and feedback version of "Like a Hurricane" from the Rust Never Sleeps tour

Covering "Imagine" on the 9/11 tribute broadcast

"Mr Soul" from MTV's Unplugged series

Paying tribute to Bob at Bobfest with "All Along the Watchtower"

The chilling "Tonight's the Night", a tribute to two of Neil's fallen comrades

"Hey Hey, My My"...again from Rust Never Sleeps tour

With the trio of CS&N oddly doing "Down By the River"

Neil busking in Glasgow in 1976

The video for "This Note's for You" in Neil's blues period

Neil getting old but with one nice one up his sleeve with "My Heart"

Neil's last great album "Sleeps with Angels"

The sublime "Harvest Moon"

The most recent Neil doing "Old Man" from the Heart of Gold film

Neil's gotten weirder and angrier in his late's his video for "The Restless Consumer"

The Grungefather on "Cinnamon Girl"

Weird steps but beautiful guitar on "Cortez the Killer"

Neil with Waylon Jennings in Neil's country phase on "Are You Ready for the Country"

"Buffalo Springfield Again"

The classic "For What It's Worth" with Neil on guitar at Monterey Pop

"After the Goldrush" on solo organ and harmonica

"Long May You Run"...Unplugged, again

Video for "Working Cowboys" with Willie Nelson

For me, this is the absolutely definitive Neil performance - "Helpless" from The Last Waltz

Rough footage of "When God Made Me" from Hurrican Katrina relief broadcast

Dorky video for "Unknown Legend"

Krautrock Neil's "Sample and Hold"

From SNL "Rockin' in the Free World"

"Walk On" from Red Rock

From the Oscar broadcast, Neil plays "Philadelphia"

"Piece of Crap"

Acoustic "Hey Hey My My" from Farm Aid 1985

"The Needle & the Damage Done" in tribute to Kurt Cobain

Allegedly live "For What It's Worth" into "Mr Soul" with the Springfield

Actual live "Mr Soul" with Stills at Woodstock


calencoriel said...

wow...that's like your iTunes in video form...

Joey said...

yea forreal... how long have you been working on that one?!

PHSChemGuy said...

I've actually moved away from Neil Young...his last few albums have been total duds to me...

I kinda miss the 80s Neil that got sued for not making records that were Neil Young-ish enough...

Joey - it took me a couple of hours on Sunday week's was harder...