September 6, 2007

So, this is how it went

Totally dug the movie scene at Fountain Square this past Saturday night.

The above picture - thanks to montecarlos for this and the one at the bottom of this post - show a scene from Nemo with the crowd below. Even though the photo shows an over-exposed screen, the showing of Nemo and Jaws were crystal clear - heck, way clearer than the broadcast stuff I've got on the TV at home. Sound was a little lower than I'd've wanted it if I were at home, but it wasn't a problem to hear the movie for probably 90% of the time.

The crowd was very cool - mostly white, admittedly, but probably 'bout a fifth black with a few other minorities thrown in here and there, mostly middle class with smatterings above and below. Most folks brought their own chairs, blankets, even an air mattress.

There was a simple concession stand set up, selling popcorn, cokes, and hot dogs - and another stand selling adult beverages. Plus Caribou Coffee was giving away free drinks in cans. The Girl got two of them and reports that they're a little sweet for her tastes. I'm not down with coffee, so I can't speak to it.

The night was a blast. Good times all around even though we did leave before Jaws really got good.

It's awesome to see that downtown Cincy is coming around to keep things open up after regular business hours. I'm certainly going to be checking the schedule on I missed a heck of a summer movie festival this past summer, and I wouldn't want to do that again.

Saturday nights' movie night...
  • June 2 - Back to the Future & Ghostbusters
  • June 9 - Big Top Pee-Wee & Big Fish
  • June 16 - Fletch & Rocky
  • June 23 - The Greatest Game Ever Played & Happy Gilmore
  • June 30 - The Incredibles & Batman
  • July 7 - Karate Kid 1 & 2
  • July 14 - Ice Age & Jurrasic Park
  • July 21 - Harry Potter 1 & 2
  • July 28 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off & Uncle Buck
  • August 4 - Raiders of the Lost Ark & Star Wars
  • August 11 - Shrek & The Princess Bride
  • August 18 - Men in Black & Remember the Titans
  • August 25 - Nacho Libre & Dodgeball
  • September 1 - Finding Nemo & Jaws
Oh, and one more pic before I drift into the night and some grading...

Check out the handsome, bearded devil in the orange t-shirt, black ballcap, and studly crossed legs in the front left of the fountain. Oh, and The Girl's there, too - and the Surrogate Family, as well.


Sphincter said...

Very cool event! I'm jealous!

coachsullivan said...

The Palace was doing two different Hitchcock movies each weekend thoughout the summer. We had a lot of stuff going on that prevented us from doing it as much as we'd have liked, but we did get over for "Notorious" and "Psycho."

achilles3 said...

man that looks awesome!
and that bottom picture looks too cool to be downtown cincy...way jealous

Joey said...

hey, uh, whos the hot chick somewhat in front of you in the pink? muahahaha. im amazing.

Not gonna lie, I actually scoped her out BEFORE i read the surrogate family bit.

PHSChemGuy said...

Sphincter - it's been a while that anybody's been jealous of an event in downtown Cincy...we're working on it...

Sully - I miss the Vogue...

Lakes - ya should be jealous...I bet that Seoul has crap for nightlife...

Joey - if you actually picked the surrogate daughter out of the crowd without reading that she was there, I'm impressed...