September 18, 2007

Last 80s tour, I promise...for a while...

And closing out the trilogy in just under a week...

It ain't exactly a cover of the old Van Morrison tune - Laura Brannigan "Gloria"

For some reason, I think he makeup's a little overdone - Toni Basil "Mickey!"

And the women get a chance at big hair crotch rock - Lita Ford "Kiss Me Deadly"

A nearly-forgotten classic from the decade - Lou Gramm "Midnight Blue"

It was the tuxedo that made all the ladies love him - bonus points if you can put his given name in the comments - Marvin Gaye "Sexual Healing"

The video's more entertaining, but I like the song for "Overkill" better - Men at Work "Land Down Under"

Hit #2, much more minor - Men Without Hats "Pop Goes the World"

Another Aussie crue mining the same territory as U2 - Midnight Oil "Beds Are Burning"

I've been known to nearly cry at hearing this song - Mike + the Mechanics "The Living Years"

Carry a Laser? - Mr. Mister "Kyrie"

Another brit pop story video - Naked Eyes "Always Something There to Remind Me"

I went with the German version, you can go English is you'd like - Nena "99 Luftbalons"

And what we found out is that each one of us is a brain...and an athlete...and a basket case...and a princess...and a criminal - OMD "If You Leave"

So young, so innocent...somany tabloids ahead - New Edition "Candy Girl"

Not quite the video, but I couldn't embed that - Dan Hartman "I Can Dream About You"

I got a total Frankie Goes the Hollywood vibe from these guys - Pet Shop Boys "It's a Sin"

I actually owned this song on cassette single, classic - Phil Collins "Take Me Home"

As a teacher, I now officially hate this song - can't even listen to it - The Police "Don't Stand So Close to Me"

Whoa...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh - The Pretenders "Back on the Chain Gang"

Pretty much just for Jennette - Rick Springfield "Jessie's Girl"

Yes, that is Michael Jackson doing background...thanks for asking - Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me"

No embedding, just linky-loo - Run DMC "It's Tricky"

A hit maker for decades and decades - Elton John "I guess That's Why They Call It The Blues"

She didn't last, but it was a heck of a hit - Sade "Smooth Operator"

Okay, I mislabeled the OMD song earlier, what movie was that one in? - Simple Minds "Don't You Forget About Me"

Can't find the long version on video - Soft Cell "Tainted Love"

British or Jamacian group, who cares if the beat's this good - Soul II Soul "Back to Life"

Before they could be set adrift on memory bliss - Spandau Ballet "True"

Rockabilly lasted about as long in the 80s as swing jazz in the 90s - Stray Cats "Stray Cat Strut"

Even though The Girl hates this one - Tears for Fears "Shout"

Apparently he has some sort of picture...good to know - Thompson Twins "Hold Me Now"

Is there another number that's as well memorized? - Tommy Tutone "867-5309"

Hard to believe that this breath of folk even came from the 80s - Tracy Chapman "Fast Car"

Trashity trash, snotty punk rap - The Waitresses "I Know What Boys Like"

Love this song to this of my favorite 80s songs - Wang Chung "Dance Hall Days"

How could we not know about George Michael back when? - Wham! "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go"

Rarely has a band been more of an era than these guys - Yaz "Don't Go"

The video you remember starts about two and a half minutes in - Yes "Owner of a Lonely Heart"

And even though it wasn't the 80s, it should've been - Pop! "PoP Goes My Heart"

And that's it, I quit...knowing that I intentionally avoided Michael Jackson & Madonna and that I wouldn't put more than one song by an artist (Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky" cut it close), which ones did I forget?


cmorin said...

I did not get to experience the 80s so I don't have the same appreciation for its music as do most the other viewers of this blog. With that being said, Marvin Gaye was a truly amazing musician. I think everyone should check out his version of the national anthem on youtube.

I am also a HUGE fan of RUN DMC. Amazing stuff.

Katydid said...

The OMD song is from Pretty in Pink. Viva Duckie.

wow, now i can actually leave comments.

PHSChemGuy said...

Trivia for ya, CMorin...what was Marvin Gaye's birth name? (I'm guessing that Katydid knows this one, though I could be wrong.)

And Katydid - thanks for the catch on that one...and it's great to finally have you 'round...

cmorin said...

No clue. Looked it up for my own sanity but I had no idea. I like the extra letter.

achilles3 said...

Fast Car is my favorite song in the world. Period the end. If you ever hear me say different punch me in the mouf.

word veri---

I would not lick burps. Never. Ever.

TL said...

Between all of your 80s songs posts, you've managed to identify most of my favorites. This can mean one of two things... That we have similar tastes, or there really are only a small number of great songs from the 80s. Hmmm.

achilles3 said...

I do think you missed "one"...
David and David's classic
"Welcome to the Boomtown"

screams 80's from hair to lyrics

in my top 10...yup. love it

joey said...

big hair(y) crotch rock?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

sorry. couldn't resist

PHSChemGuy said...

TL - clearly, similar tastes...

And Lakes, I can safely say that I have never heard that David & David song before in my life...was that big in Mason in the 80s?

achilles3 said...

give it a listen:-)