September 21, 2007

Be careful out there, kids

Great commercial sent my way by Calen...thanks, girl...
Always remember that whatever you put out on the web is out there and can never be taken back, no matter how hard you try.


joey said...

lawsuit waiting to happen.

//devil's advocate

interestinggg... verrrrry interesting

achilles3 said...

looks like fear mongering is still par for the course...

why is it OK to always paint school custodians as creepy sex crazed animals? I mean they should stand up and say something. What if it was your job always being made example of in that way.

this commercial is a prime example of what's a mess with the fear culture

sex ed
war on drugs

its all there

be afraid
be very afraid


PHSChemGuy said...

Okay, so making the janitor into the creepy guy might not be the nicest thing to do, but I'm gonna side with the commercial here in that we have to start teaching the kids that just because they can put their name / picture / address / school / sport team / whatever out on the web doesn't mean that they should be doing that.

There is, admittedly, a difference between making young people aware of and afraid of the dangers inherent to that ability, but few enough young people that I know (or that The Girl sees in her job) actually take the time to think that a picture they put up for their friends to see is also there for the entire world (creepy janitors, included) to see, as well.

achilles3 said...

truth for sure:)