September 13, 2007

Just guessing here

We've got a guest in our midsts, folks, and I'm both curious and thrilled. Welcome...

The regular readers and contributors 'round these parts - the folks from Transbuddha, Kyle, Technically Overboard's Rob, CMorin, Joey, Achilles3, Sphincter - and a few others who drop in with slightly less regularity - CoachSullivan, DanEcht, G - and the lurkers - Ashley, Kate, Sarah, some of my other students - are known to most of us.

TL, however, is a blank slate, a veritable mystery to me. We've gotten hints that (s)he is into 70's rock Christmas songs, Alan Moore adult graphic novels, and the PHS science department.

Not a lot to go on.

So I'm gonna play a little game of twenty question, all vague, nothing too specific. Any chance you'll play back?
  1. Born in Ohio or elsewhere?
  2. Favorite band?
  3. Did you play a musical instrument in HS?
  4. What did/do you want to be when you grew up?
  5. Right brain or left?
  6. Any pets?
  7. First concert you went to?
  8. Christmas or Hannukah?
  9. Tea or coffee?
  10. On Thursday - Earl, Office, CSI, Scrubs, Survivor?
  11. Which Batman movie was your favorite?
  12. Long or short goatee?
  13. Paper or plastic?
  14. You want fries with that?
  15. Dogs or cats?
  16. At the shore, in the city, up the hills, middle of the ocean?
  17. Country or Western?
  18. This week - red, orange, yellow, green, blue?
  19. Jimmy or Timmy?
  20. If you're in white gloves are you checking for dust mites, conducting a band, or going to a cotillion?
And if anybody else wants to play along, go for it. I'm always curious...


achilles3 said...

21. Are you cute?
22. Ever made out with an ESL teacher?
23. Do you want to?
24. Are you a girl?
Crap move that to 21...crap!

TL said...

Oh I could SO play some mind games, here, but I won't.
You'll guess by the very first answer, but I'll answer them all just for the heck of it. Sorry to burst any bubbles...

1) Elsewhere.
2) The Beatles.
3) Only those crappy recorders we got where I went to school. Music wasn't important there. I played my casio keyboard at home to get that great 80s sound out of it.
4)First, I wanted to be on the West End stage in London, then... (and here's how you'll be certain of who I am) a Muppeteer, then... what I am now!
5)I'm a veritable Libran.
6)Far too many.
7)Weird Al! Hahaha!
8)Anything! Any excuse to celebrate! Great use of religion.
9)Tea, but only when I'm ill.
10)The Office, but I've been told I'd like Scrubs. Just don't want to get into yet another show right now.
11)Hmm. Batman Returns, though there are bits of Batman I enjoyed and the last one wasn't too bad at all, just didn't have the vibe I was looking for.
12)I'm not picky about facial hair.
(I'm being Libran again)
13)Paper. Plastic when I'm lazy.
14)Pile on the fries, baby!
15)Cats. They make me laugh more.
16)In the city when I'm feeling stupid, up the hills when I'm feeling pensive.
17)Western. Of the spaghetti variety.
18)Currently blue, as per the fantastically maintained website.
19)TIMMAAAAY! But Jimmy tells a great joke.
20)If I'm in white gloves it's because I'm dressed as Marlene Deitrich for halloween, complete with top hat and tails.

Now Achilles...
21)If you think hamsters look cute, then yes.
22)Haha! No.
23)My husband may object, and anyway, my lips don't reach that far.
24)Nope, I'm a WOMAN. :)


Rob said...

So your Madonna then ? :-)

joey said...


Anonymous said...

Lurker, and semi-poster wants to jump into the fray. Try and guess. I'm certain you COULD guess.

1. Ohio
2. Dredg, Deepfield, A Fine Frenzy
3. Yes.
4. In Park Services
5. Right brained (though I've been told I'm not in my right mind)
6. Yes, dog (that is currently elsewhere) and a cat.
7. MICHAEL BOLTON! (I was young and impressionable... er somethin')
8. Christmas
9. Tea
10. Office, and Survivor
11. Batman Forever
12. Short goatee
13. Paper
14. Normally I'd say yes, but not tonight.
15. Dogs
16. In the hills.
17. Western
18. Green :-)
19. Without looking at the links... let's say Jimmy.
20. Conducting a band.

WhoIsThisRandomPerson? said...

Random/occasional poster wants to answer questionnaire. Hint: former student.

1. Elsewhere
2. Beatles
3. Nope, but I did do music
4. (What a giveaway!) Veterinarian
5. Far left, or far right. Whichever one is analytical, I can't remember.
6. Not right now, sadly
7. (Another dead giveaway) Wilco
8. (And yet another...I might regret the hint...) Hanuka
9. Tea, Twinings Irish Breakfast
10. Earl, then Office
11. Never seen a Batman movie, sorry
12. Short, if I ever manage to grow one
13. Paper
14. Up the hills (Mayflower Hill, to be precise)
15. Western
16. Blue. Very blue
17. Timmy. Funnier.
18. None of the above, I'm in surgery.

PHSChemGuy said...

Lakes - stop it...

TL - I certainly have a much better idea, but I respect your choice of posting anonymously...good to finally have you around...seriously, Weird Al was your first?

This was loads of fun...two extra posters...I'm glad I asked who TL was...welcome, Happy to Play Along & WhoIsThisTandomPerson...

as to the latter, I think I'm teaching your brother right now...would I be correct about that?...and were you mentioned in my original post as "slightly less regularity"?

I'm Game Too - lemme take a minute, the "in park services" should be the giveaway...but I'm stumped...

TL said...

I never thought I'd read the words "Weird Al was your first"... Scary thought. Yeah, I was too young to go to concerts when I was "back home" (you had to be 18) and so the first one I saw was in Cincinnati... Taft, I think.
Yes, I finally got around to creating a username to post on here! Sorry it took so long.

WhoIsThisRandomPerson? said...

You got it.

WhoIsThisRandomPerson? said...
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Anonymous said...

"Green" is another hint. You've got all of the requisite resources to figure this out. A VERY big untapped resource is another "frequent" poster. I'll give more hints as needed.

#4 you might be misundrestanding. Park Services was what I originally wanted to do, but I'm doing something else now.

cmorin said...

My god your posts lately have been extremely time consuming. I'm not complaining but it leaves me little time to comment on anything. I'm glad you consider me one of the regulars. Sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name.

achilles3 said...

what the heck did I do???